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Electrical Power Department

The main purpose of the Electrical Power

   The main purpose of the Electrical Power(EP) subject is to generate electricity, sending and distributing. Electricity plays a main role in human beings. We use a lot of electricity in our daily lives. Light energy needed by human beings; it converts heat and mechanical energy into electrical energy. Therefore, this subject is taught. Subject / Training Period

Subject / Training Period

  • House Wiring Installation
  • 1 Month ( Short Course )

Aims for short Courses


  • To educate young and adult people in the local as a profession.
  • To increase employment opportunities more.
  • To raise the standard of living.
  • To develop the local region.

Teachers in Electrical Power Department

No Name Position Qualification
1 Daw Cho Zin Win Assistant Technician-4 AGTI(EP)