Nyaungshwe Vocational Training Institute

Electrical Power Department

The main purpose of the Electrical Power

   The main purpose of the Electrical Power(EP) subject is to generate electricity, sending and distributing. Electricity plays a main role in human beings. We use a lot of electricity in our daily lives. Light energy needed by human beings; it converts heat and mechanical energy into electrical energy. Therefore, this subject is taught. Subject / Training Period

Subject / Training Period

  • House Wiring Installation
  • 1 Month ( Short Course )

Aims for short Courses

  • To educate young and adult people in the local as a profession.
  • To increase employment opportunities more.
  • To raise the standard of living.
  • To develop the local region.

Teachers in Electrical Power Department

Daw Aye Wutyi
( Assitant Lecturer )
BE ( EP )

U Myo Ko Ko
( Tutor )
BE ( EP )
Daw Aum Mohn Mohn
( Tutor )
BE ( EP )