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Mechanical Department

Today, with the development of the nation, engines are increasingly being used to speed up operations. In the past, handicrafts; Buffalo Businesses that used to work with cattle are now being replaced by machines and engines. Those who are using machines and engines should be able to use machines and engines. About the engine and engine structure; You need to know how it works and the machine malfunctions.

As the use of motorcycles has increased, we also need to know
the structure of the motorcycles, how it works and what the bugs are. Motorcycle repair techniques need to be mastered in order to be able to repair motorcycles professionally and to support the family income in one way or another.

Course List of Mechanical Department

  1. Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Dismantling and Maintenance Training
  2. Motorcycle Dismantling and Maintenance Training

Teachers in Mechanical Department

No Name Position Qualification
1 U Khun Wai Yan Lin Assistant Technician-3 GTHS(Mech)
2 U Kyaw Lin Han Assistant Technician-4 AGTI(Mech)